Coalesce Bookstore App


Keep track of the happenings at Coalesce Bookstore.  Don’t miss out on the latest additions to the Garden Chapel, Events, Book Reviews, Quotes and more. Great for the locals who want to keep up with the latest, or the tourists planning their next trip to the coast.

There is always something happening at Coalesce . . . book signings for local authors, poetry readings, folk music or jazz concerts, yoga classes, book clubs, weddings and memorials.  Many of these events are coordinated in the beautiful Garden Chapel tucked in the gardens behind the bookstore.  Events and all their details are highlighted including:  event time and date, musician or author, a write-up of the coming event, and the ability to call to reserve tickets.

If you’re yearning for a great book, or curious about new releases, Reviews provides a listing of current books reviewed and specially noted by the bookstore.  This includes staff favorites.  Check back often for new reviews and insights.

Coalesce bookmarks are a special gift when purchasing from the bookstore.  Many of these beloved bookmark’s carefully chosen quotations  are captured in this app.  Inspiration is available on demand.  Quotes can be pondered as new ones are added frequently.

Some beautiful photos of the Bookstore and Garden Chapel convey the intention of founding a bookstore that would also be a community center, a place where all would be welcome, frequent events and happenings would be hosted, and wonderful books, gifts, and music would be available.


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